Eglinton man pens book on emigration by sail and steam...

Brian Mitchell's book, 'Derry-Londonderry: Gateway to a New World'.
Brian Mitchell's book, 'Derry-Londonderry: Gateway to a New World'.

It has taken almost 30 years to complete, but Brian Mitchell, from Millbrook in Eglinton has finally published his book ‘Derry-Londonoderry: Gateway to a New World’.

It is a story of emigration from the city by sail and steam and focuses on the major role that the city played in all the significant phases of emigration, including the outflow of the Ulster-Scots people to America, the Irish Famine period as well as the near constant flow of people across the Irish Sea to Glasgow and Liverpool.

In the book Brian examines how around nine million people from Ireland North and South now live in all four corners of the Globe, from the UK to the USA, Canada and Australia. They all have one thing in common - their ancestors’ journeys began in Londonderry and many of those people left this shore with little more than what belongings they could carry.

Priced at £3, to order the ISBN is 978-0-9515977-2-9.