DUP welcomes striking of rates for new super council

Gary Middleton.
Gary Middleton.

Londonderry and Strabane DUP group leader, Alderman Gary Middleton, has welcomed the striking of a lower rate of tax for the district under the new super council.

He said the DUP was focused on delivery, efficiency and improved services for our ratepayers and had worked tirelessly to ensure that the new rate was as low as possible, recognising the unique set of circumstances that the Londonderry and Strabane area faced.

“Whilst we are not in the ideal situation, the average ratepayer in the new council area will continue to pay lower rates bills than average ratepayers in the majority of other council areas and will also benefit from a reduction in their rates bill, following a revaluation of non-domestic properties,” he said.

“We must now work together and be optimistic for the future. The rate struck does not put the new council in a standstill position. The new council will invest in a number of growth initiatives along with having an ambitious capital plan and further investment for festivals and events,” he said.

Mr Middleton said community planning initiatives were opportunity for working in partnership with communities, businesses, statutory agencies and central government and his party would continue to work tirelessly for all of the citizens in the new council area and was committed to delivering improved, more efficient services for all ratepayers.