Police in Limavady issue warning against phone scammers

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Police in Limavady are advising local people to be vigilant against fraudsters using telephone scams to extort or steal from unsuspecting members of the public.

Police say officers recently received a report from a member of public who was telephoned by someone purporting to be from a bank.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “During the telephone conversation, the householder was asked to supply banking details including security numbers. The caller persuaded the householder to give these numbers and then transferred a sum of money from the account.

Remember if you get a call or email, do not give out financial details or agree to any transaction, and do not respond on email addresses or phone numbers provided by the caller.

“You can always check the legitimacy of any approach by contacting the named bank or organisation on a number you know to be genuine.

“We must stress that fraudsters often use a number of different scenarios and that all calls should be treated with a degree of caution until they have been checked out.”