Will UK workers lose their rights and entitlements after Brexit?

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The EU is responsible for a lot of laws regarding workers' rights.

This includes equal pay, the European Working Time Directive, health and safety in the workplace, annual leave and maternity pay. Will this change after March 29?

A. The short answer is no.

The government has brought into force The Great Repeal Bill. This will convert all EU law, where possible, into UK law from the day we leave. The same rules and laws will apply on the day after exit as on the day before.

The idea is that democratically elected representatives (our MPs) will then decide on any changes to that law, after going through full scrutiny and a proper debate in Parliament.

Theoretically, the UK government could then scrap or change any or all of the aforementioned laws, however, it has pledged to protect workers' rights as they exist now.