Where is God when things go wrong?

Dr John Blanchard (Photo: Freddie Parkinson)
Dr John Blanchard (Photo: Freddie Parkinson)

Waterside Presbyterian Church, at Clooney Terrace in the Waterside, is the venue on Friday, November 6, for an evening with John Blanchard.

Dr Blanchard will be giving an address at 8pm on the topic ‘Where is God when things go wrong?’

For more information on the event telephone 02871 329561 or email knoxjones@btinternet.com.

Dr Blanchard is a high-profile speaker and internationally known Christian preacher, teacher, apologist and author, who has written 30 books, including two of Britain’s most widely used evangelistic presentations, ‘Right with God’ and the booklet ‘Ultimate Questions’.

The latter publication has over 14 million copies in print in around 60 languages.

His major book ‘Does God believe in Atheists?’ published in 2000, was voted best Christian book in the 2001 UK Christian Book Awards, and immediately became a best-seller, described as a brilliant defence of belief in God.

Other books he has written include ‘Truth for Life’, ‘Whatever Happened to hell’, ‘Meet the Real Jesus’, ‘Beatitudes for Today’ and ‘Major Points from the Minor Prophets’ and ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Heaven’.

Dr Blanchard is now heavily committed to Popular Christian Apologetics, a project involving writing, speaking, teaching and broadcasting in defence of the Christian faith.

During early November Dr Blanchard will be speaking at a series of meetings across Northern Ireland, of which the event on Friday is one.

Welcoming the forthcoming event, the Minister of Waterside Presbyterian Church, Rev Knox Jones, said: “We are delighted to be able to host one of those evenings in Waterside Presbyterian Church and are looking forward with much anticipation to welcoming John. The evening will commence at 8pm and follow a simple format. John intends to speak initially for 35 to 40 minutes. He will then invite questions before concluding with a 10-minute summary.”

On the evening Dr Blanchard’s books will be available at vastly-reduced prices and the evening will include a retiring offering which, after expenses, will be donated to Foyle Hospice.

Everyone is most welcome.