Strand Road RUC memorial is put back

RUC plaque
RUC plaque

The PSNI has confirmed today that the RUC memorial moved from the ground floor of Strand Road station earlier this year has been returned to its original position.

In a brief statement a spokesman for the PSNI said: “I can confirm that the memorials have been returned to their original position.”

Originally located in the front inquiry office, the RUC memorial, together with other plaques, were removed as the office was accessible by members of the public.

They were taken to a new ‘memorial area’ outside the briefing room on the third floor.

DUP MLA Gary Middleton said: “I led a delegation of DUP representatives and relatives of those named on the memorials to meet senior PSNI officers following the decision taken to relocate the memorials to RUC officers.

“There was much hurt caused as a result of the decision taken by the PSNI.

“It is welcome news that the memorials have now been placed back in their original location.

“The families of victims should always be consulted on these issues and I trust that this situation shouldn’t arise again.”

UUP Alderman Mary Hamilton said she was “very pleased” to learn the plaques had been reinstated.

“They never should have been moved and I am very pleased to learn they have been returned. The public never forget.”