Snow on Saturday

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Snow is forecast for Londonderry this weekend following on from the high winds of Storm Gertrude which battered the North West on Thursday night.

The snowfall is expected on Saturday, particularly over high ground, with a low of 1C and a high during the day of just 3C. There will be small pockets of sunshine, but the strong winds which will still be prevalent will make it feel a lot colder.

A number of roads were closed due to fallen trees on Friday morning as Storm Gertrude hit.

The Foyle Bridge was closed to all traffic overnight, although it did reopen with a 30mph speed limit in time for the morning rush hour.

The weather will pick up a little on Sunday as temperatures rise to 10C with an overnight temperature of around 8C, and the wind is expected to continue to die down.

The working week looks set to be dull, overcast and there will be spells of rain, with prolonged showers particularly on Wednesday and Thursday. During the week the maximum temperature will be 10c with over night lows of around 3C or 4C with a dip to just 1C overnight on Wednesday.

Strong gusts of wind are expected to continue well into Tuesday.