Small grants for the community and voluntary sector

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The Public Health Agency has identified funding for a small grants scheme to address the themes of Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing, Suicide Prevention and Self- Harm.

The CLEAR Project is to facilitate the process.

The small grants scheme provides the community and voluntary sector with the opportunity to access small, non-recurring grants which can be used to support health improvement at a local level. Programmes eligible for funding must be founded on evidence based practice, with a particular focus on those using one or more of the ‘Take 5’ Steps to Wellbeing (Connect, Be active, Keep learning, Give and Take notice).

Amanda O’Neill, PHA Senior Health Improvement Officer, said: “We are encouraging applicants to be proactive, work collaboratively to develop innovative projects to help build resilience in the community. Preference will be given to projects that address the determinants of poor health and reduce health inequalities by increasing the delivery of effective programme and/or services to the most disadvantaged communities within each Local Commissioning Group area.”

Brenda Morris, Manager of the CLEAR Project said: “Small grants play a vital role in supporting suicide and self-harm programmes within the community. This support can take a range of forms from awareness raising training programmes to specific self-help and life skills initiatives supporting those in need as well as giving groups the opportunity to develop and build their capacity to help others. I’m delighted that CLEAR will have the opportunity again to support community and voluntary sector groups with their work in this area”.

Two types of awards are available: One enables grants of up to £1000 that non-constituted and constituted non-profit taking community/voluntary sector groups can apply for. The other is for £1,001 to a maximum of £5,000 for constituted non-profit taking community/voluntary sector groups. Downloaded an application at or email