SF all-Ireland agenda failed

Foyle DUP MLA Maurice Devenney this week appealed for members of the Unionist community to pull together at future elections and said that Sinn Fein’s plans for a united Ireland by 2016 now lie in tatters.

“Over the last 40 years, since the start of the Troubles, it had always been Sinn Fein’s battle cry that there would be a united Ireland by 2016. Yet when you look back at the last 40 years at the many people murdered, shot and the mayhem caused across Northern Ireland, in my opinion a united Ireland is further away today than it was 30 years ago,” he said.

“We now see that Sinn Fein have changed their tactics once again, as Gerry Adams said at the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis, it is now their goal to do well in the elections in an attempt to try to become the largest political party within Northern Ireland as well as in the Republic of Ireland.”

The Foyle MLA continued:”For myself, announcements like this by Sinn Fein serve as a reminder to the Unionist community that the greatest electoral threat to Unionism comes from within our own community.

“It comes from split votes and divisions within the Unionist parties in Northern Ireland, while nationalists and republicans unite behind Sinn Fein at the ballot box,” MrDevenney said.

He went on to warn members of the Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist community in Northern Ireland, saying: “Unionists cannot afford the luxury of having a plethora of parties, nor can they afford to have splits and divisions when it comes to voting. Such division within Unionism will only serve to do more to advance Sinn Fein than any strategic advancement made by Gerry Adams.”