Political limbo at heart of funds crisis

Alderman Gary Middleton. INLS1215-104KM
Alderman Gary Middleton. INLS1215-104KM

Concern has been raised by DUP MLA Gary Middleton about the effects of budgeting constraints due to lack of agreement by political parties.

Highlighting the impact on the road infrastructure, he said a private business with a forecast budget situation like that of Roads Service could not sustain operations.

“Up to 90 per cent cuts have been imposed on this one government department,” he said.

“The capital budget for resurfacing and other major works was cut from £2.6m in 2014/15 to £200,000 2015/16, while the resource (maintenance) budget was £40m in and cut to £12.8m and the street lighting maintenance budget is £1.8m. The situation is disgraceful. It is clear there are no quick fixes going forward, but the DUP will continue to lobby for maintenance funds.”