Mary Hamilton roads issues

Alderman Mary Hamilton at Tullyally. INLS3615-103KM
Alderman Mary Hamilton at Tullyally. INLS3615-103KM

UUP Alderman, Mary Hamilton has revealed that she is to approach Party colleague and former Minister for Regional Development Danny Kennedy, to raise concern about the rural roads network.

“Bonds Glen, Tullyally, Ardmore and Curryfree are among the worst roads in Northern Ireland at present,” said Mrs Hamilton.

“Motorists are being robbed of money because they have to replace their tyres so often due to the excessively poor nature of the roads infrastructure due to erosion from burst pipes, poor repair work and gaping holes.

“I am going to ask Danny to come to Londonderry some day and I am going to take him out potholing, because the state of some of these roads is so bad. Tullyally and Rushall Roads are like cart tracks they are so bad.

“Roads Service needs to get to the root of the problems and stop doing cosmetic repairs that disintegrate in the space of one good downpour.”