Literary ladies seeking Dunfield memories

View of the Craigavon Bridge from Dunfield Terrace.  Courtesy Aaron Callan
View of the Craigavon Bridge from Dunfield Terrace. Courtesy Aaron Callan

Residents past and present from Dunfield Terrace and the surrounding area are being sought to contribute to a new community history archive project.

It is being undertaken by three well-known literary ladies; Julieann Campbell, Lynne Edgar and Freya McClements, and a drop-in event is being planned to take the project forward, which will be open to anyone who lived or grew up on Dunfield Terrace or nearby, or from those who knew people who did live there and have memories connected to them or the terrace itself.

Children at Dunfield Terrace. Photo: Aaron Callan

Children at Dunfield Terrace. Photo: Aaron Callan

“Maybe you spent your childhood playing near the quarry, or you remember some of its more memorable characters or stories,” Lynne Edgar said.

“Did you frequent the area’s band halls in their heyday? If so, then we want to hear from you. Probably best known for its sweeping, majestic views of the city and the ongoing public campaign to save these views, Dunfield Terrace has been home to countless residents over the years.

“We are inviting former and current residents to share their own stories and memories of Dunfield Terrace, Fountain Hill, Moore Street, Robert Street and Cuthbert Street to help create a new community history of this unique area,” Ms Edgar said.

Initiated by the Waterside Neighbourhood Partnership, on behalf of the Dunfield Residents and Friends Conservation Association, the community history project at its core is about engaging with residents both past and present with a view to creating content for a new community archive.

The Dunfield Terrace vista. Photo: Aaron Callan

The Dunfield Terrace vista. Photo: Aaron Callan

Those who feel they have memories or stories they want to share, are encouraged to take part in a Drop-In Session, which will take place on Monday next, March 14, between 6pm and 8pm at the Shared Future Centre, Waterside Neighbourhood Partnership suite, 61 Irish Street, on the site of the former Clondermot Secondary School.

Those who cannot make the session or who would like to know more are welcome to contact project organisers by the following means: email, through social media by visiting the Facebook Page or, by contacting the ladies by telephone on 07743589203.

“We’re really excited about this project,” said Ms Edgar.

“Everybody knows Dunfield Terrace. Even people who have never been to Dunfield know Dunfield because of that incredible view across the city, so what we want to do is bring some of the wonderful stories about the area to a wider audience.

“It’s always been an area that has been particularly close-knit, with a special sense of community in it, so we’re hoping that we can harness that community spirit and encourage people to bring us some of the great stories about the area that we know are out there. That will allow us to preserve these memories for posterity while also hopefully using them as a way of bringing Dunfield to a wider audience.

“I know the Waterside Area Partnership have plans to encourage more tourists to the Waterside and I would hope that this would become a guidebook for visitors who want to know more about the area.”

The group have already held two successful workshops with groups in Hillcrest House and in Irish Street Community Centre, but want as many residents and former residents as possible to call in to their drop-in session in the Shared Future Centre