Ho Ho No bad parking


Police in Londonderry are advising of robust action to tackle traffic caused by badly parked vehicles that cause an obstruction in the city centre.

While the responsibility for enforcing parking regulations lies primarily with the DRD, police have powers where vehicles are causing an obstruction.

Inspector Jonny Hunter said: “Police are aware of incidents where vehicles are being parked in and around the city centre in such a manner that causes serious disruption to the flow of traffic

“As we approach Christmas, this problem will be exacerbated with the increased flow of traffic that results at this time of year. The issue is at its worst in the area of Strand Road/William Street, with the junction of Waterloo Street.

“Police have liaised with DRD and there will be a joined up approach to enforcement regarding illegal parking and vehicles causing an obstruction.

“The area of John Street can also be problematic at this time of year, with increased traffic flow trying to enter the multi-storey carparks, and this can result in serious traffic congestion in the area of John Street roundabout.

“We appreciate this is a busy time for business and shoppers alike, however thoughtless parking pose a risk, as well as inconvenience to pedestrians and other road users.

“We are asking shoppers to consider whether they need to drive into the city centre. If a car is essential, please give some thought as to where you will park. If you are to leave it in the streets, think of others and park is in a considerate manner.”