Help our 999 services find houses plea

Maurice Devenney
Maurice Devenney

Independent Unionist Maurice Devenney, has called for homeowners and the council to help the emergency services find properties by putting up visible house numbers.

Appealing for help for the emergency services, taxi companies and delivery drivers, Mr Devenney said the problem of properties not being visibly numbered was hampering emergency service staff, as well as making life difficult for taxi drivers and deliveries.

“The information I have received from council officers is that while emergency services have SatNav technology on board vehicles, that can take them to any house,” he said.

“My information is that it does not take them to a specific property, but rather to a general postcode area, leaving them with difficulties finding specific houses.

“The problem is particularly acute in both densely populated urban areas and in remote rural areas, and as we know, every minute counts in an emergency situation.”