Election of Moderator on Monday

Incoming Moderator: Dr Frank Sellar
Incoming Moderator: Dr Frank Sellar

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland will meet in Belfast on Monday, June 6, to formally elect Rev Dr Frank Sellar, as Moderator for the year 2016-2017.

Dr Sellar was born in Ballymoney and grew up in Coleraine. He was ordained as assistant at Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church in Bangor in 1988 and was installed as minister of Adelaide Road Presbyterian Church in Dublin in 1990.

Around 1,000 ministers and elders from the Church’s 500-plus congregations across Ireland will attend the Assembly to discuss and debate 90 resolutions.

Business will commence at 9.30am on Tuesday, June 6 and will conclude on Friday, June 10.

Clerk of the General Assembly, Rev. Trevor Gribben, said: “Much of what will be discussed is routine; matters that affect only the Church and the way we operate, but are, nonetheless important. Yet, running alongside these debates throughout the week are resolutions that concern the social, moral and public issues of the day. Areas where the Church, in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, can make a unique contribution and give voice to the concerns of many people, both within and outside the Church.”