DUP glad with ‘quiet night’

DUP councillors David Ramsey, left, and Grahame Warke. INLS2715MC005
DUP councillors David Ramsey, left, and Grahame Warke. INLS2715MC005

Despite apprehension prior to the lighting of a bonfire in the Bogside on Saturday night, the DUP said they were pleased the night had been “reasonably quiet”.

Although the bonfire had been brought closer to the interface with the Fountain, in a compromise to protect buildings, Councillors David Ramsey and Graham Warke, who were in attendance, said most people moved on without major incident.

“We were angry at poppy wreaths being burned and wonder what this offers to our young people in Nationalist areas,” the councillors said.

Both men moved from the walls after bottles were thrown, and spent time with the young people in The Fountain.

“Apart from a bit of banter from some republican females who were quite drunk, we found the night to be reasonably quiet. We observed the police operation, which was very effective, and we left happy that the night passed without any real threat to the Memorial Hall or The Fountain.

“That said, we are very disappointed that a taxi was attacked at Foyle Road and there were reports of damage to a car and works van in The Fountain.

“These attacks must be condemned.

“We will be contacting the PSNI and, hopefully, the perpetrators will be caught and prosecuted,” the two councillors said in their joint statement.