Dumping at Tullyally Road

Tullyally Road, where half a dozen bags filled with painting and decorating waste have appeared.
Tullyally Road, where half a dozen bags filled with painting and decorating waste have appeared.

UUP Alderman Mary Hamilton has called for tough sentencing for those guilty of fly-tipping commercial waste in rural areas.

Her call comes after several industrial bin bags filled with commercial decorating waste materialised on Wednesday at a gateway to farmland on Tullyally Road, less than a mile into the countryside from the entrance to Stevenson Park. Also tipped with the waste were at least six large paint tins and plastic tubs.

“I am disgusted that this person, who presumably was paid to do this painting and decorating job, believed it was perfectly acceptable to fly-tip rather than use one of the many official dump sites,” she said.

“I came across this rubbish on Wednesday while out visiting constituents. Quite apart from the obvious dangers this waste poses to wildlife and farm animals, you would imagine the person responsible factored the dumping fee into his costing for the job, so this was a deliberate attempt to pocket even more money.

“This is not the first time that fly-tipping has occurred in this area. The time has come to instal movement sensitive cameras at known fly-tipping locations to catch those guilty of shirking their responsibilities when it comes to respecting the environment. Commercial charges at a recycling centre, for a small van or trailer is only £50.”

“It is unacceptable that ratepayers should have to foot the bill for the clear-up, when workmen have already been paid. I sincerely hope that anyone who knows who is responsible for this latest incident informs the council. Would you like this outside your home? Neither do those living in the rural area and neither they or the council should be left to clean it all up.”

According to the Derry City and Strabane District Council website, commercial charges for dumping, excluding VAT are: Small van or trailer, £50; large van or trailer, £75; large van and trailer, £100; 7.5 tonne lorry, £110.00.