Devenney resigns from the DUP

Alderman Maurice Devenney has confirmed that he has tendered his resignation from the DUP, effective from 11pm last night, Tuesday.

A member of the DUP for almost 20 years, Mr Devenney spoke exclusively to the Londonderry Sentinel and said he “totally refuted” his former DUP colleagues’ claim that he had promoted or canvassed votes in favour of the SDLP in preference to his own party at the last Westminster elections.

Despondent at the accusation that he had ‘brought the party into disrepute’, Mr Devenney said that he would be continuing his work on the Derry City and Strabane District Council as an Alderman, in the capacity as an Independent Unionist.

Mr Devenney said he had made his decision after “much reflection and consideration” and said he would not be appealing the DUP’s decision to suspend him.

“I have absolutely no intention whatsoever in making an appeal, when it is completely clear that there is likely to be a pre-determined outcome resulting in my membership being terminated,” he said.