Caw roundabout petition launched by former Mayor

SDLP Councillor Martin Reilly �/Lorcan Doherty Photography - 2nd June 2014
SDLP Councillor Martin Reilly �/Lorcan Doherty Photography - 2nd June 2014

A former Mayor of Londonderry has called on residents in the city and surrounding district to get behind an online petition to upgrade Caw Roundabout.

SDLP Councillor Martin Reilly launched the petition in a bid to get the ball rolling on upgrading the busy junction.

Councillor Reilly revealed that the petition had already been signed by over 700 people in its first week.

Citing safety concerns he said the roundabout was the site of over 50 casualties in the last three years.

“People continue to be frustrated at the lack of urgency shown by the Department for Regional Development and Transport NI in upgrading the Caw Roundabout,” he said.

“To demonstrate the strength of public feeling on this matter I launched an online petition for people to show their support.

“Over 700 people have already signed up to it in the first week.

“While the problems with the Caw Roundabout obviously affect people in the immediate area on a daily basis, this strategic roundabout is also used by motorists across the city and wider north west.

“I would therefore appeal for all citizens to get behind this campaign by signing the petition at ”