Campsie residents meet NI Water officials

The Waste Water Treatment Works at Donnybrewer.
The Waste Water Treatment Works at Donnybrewer.

Northern Ireland Water officials have promised to monitor the Donneybrewer sewage plant and look into placing lids on open treatment tanks following a meeting with residents on Monday.

Residents in the area adjacent to the plant on McLean Road raised concern again a fortnight ago over the constant foul stench emanating from the treatment plant, a problem which has been ongoing for several years.

On Monday three officials from NI Water visited the area to meet residents and Alderman Maurice Devenney.

Residents told the officials they were unhappy with NI Water’s policy of only responding to elected representatives and told them that the Environmental Health Department had been contacted for help in trying to resolve the problem.

“Concern was raised with regard to the size of the Doneybrewer facility in relation to the size of the population of Eglinton and the surrounding area, which we believe is too large for the treatment works to cope with,” said resident Gerard Ward.

“We have been told that NI Water is to get back to Alderman Maurice Devenney with their findings within the next two weeks. They also agreed to carry out a sampling programme on inlet flows into the plant and to monitor the plant for hydrogen sulfide fumes over the next two to three weeks and get back to us.”

Mr Ward said that other gases may be present, including methane, but residents were pleased that NI Water had agreed to cover existing chambers that were open to atmosphere.

“We have been told this work will be completed within the next two to three weeks and we were also told that NI Water will liaise with Alderman Devenney on progress and, if necessary, another meeting will be convened at the end of February.”