Alderman thanks Roads Service

Mary Hamilton, pictured with Rossdowney residents
Mary Hamilton, pictured with Rossdowney residents

UUP Alderman, Mary Hamilton, has thanked the DoE Roads Service for the recent improvements to the pavements in the Rossdowney area.

“I have campaigned for a long time to have this work done,” said Alderman Hamilton.

“The residents have had to put up with sub-standard pavements and a large patch of unsightly rough ground adjacent to their homes for many years and it is a relief to all that this cosmetic work has now been undertaken and completed.

“The poor condition of the pavements in particular were not only an eyesore but were also downright dangerous, especially for elderly people in the area,” she said.

The area effected included Rossdowney Gardens, Rossdowney Avenue and Rossdowney Drive.

“I am now lobbying to have work done on the steps that lead from Rossdowney Park to Rossdowney Gardens, which are covered in moss, which is a potential death trap in wet weather. The bollards at the top are loose and could come free of their moorings if enough pressure is applied.

“I would call on Roads Service to look into this issue as a matter of urgency as many elderly use that walk way as well as women with children, as a safer alternative route to Lisnagelvin Retail Park, rather than the busy main road,” she said.