Pensioners from Tullyally involved in digital scheme

Digital programme.
Digital programme.

A new Playhouse programme has been announced which enables rural community groups aged 65 + to participate in Digital Multi Media, Visual Arts, Music and Creative Writing.

Groups involved in the programme include Tullyally Cosy Club (who have participated in Digital Multi Media), Sionmills Community Forum (who have explored Creative Writing), and Faughanvale Community Project (who have used Music, including dancing, and writing and singing some of their own work).

The intention of this programme, which will run for 36 weeks, is to promote a number of benefits which will improve health, confidence, esteem and emotional well being.

“The Playhouse is very excited to receive funding from the Arts Council for this wonderful and exiting project,” Project Co-ordinator Ann Marie Thompson said.

“Remembering that over 65s make up 15 per cent of today’s population and this number will jump by 44 per cent by 2027, the intention of this programme is to promote feelings of self worth and accomplishment and many participants are achieving goals already!”

“Since May 2014 we have three groups in progress. Sionmills Community Forum have started Creative Writing and the funny, tall, ghost and historic stories are all captured for the future and well as the enjoyment of telling these stories now. Music has commenced at Faughanvale Community Project and the dancing and fun are wonderful. The group are also writing and singing some of their own work,” she said.

Although the focus is on the arts the participants are learning many transferable skills for example, Tullyally Cosy Club are participating in Digital Multi Media, and have many happy participants especially two ladies who travel abroad a few times a year and usually have to ask a family member to book flights, hotels etc. Now they can do all booking by themselves. Less costly and more fun!

The programme will culminate in participating groups hosting a showcase in March 2015 during the ‘Arts & Elders’ festival month.

For more information about The Playhouse Arts & Older Peoples Programme contact Ann Marie at The Playhouse on (028)71268027 or email