Peaceful Christmas for one and all this festive time

Rev John Hanna, Moderator of Derry and Donegal.
Rev John Hanna, Moderator of Derry and Donegal.

The Minister of Glendermott Presbyterian Church, Rev John Hanna, said his great hope for his congregation and the people of the city and district, was for a Christmas filled with peace.

Fighting illness in the face of a busy Christmas season, in a brief statement Rev Hanna said: “I love the phrase in the Christmas story when the shepherds gather their untidy lives and say ‘let’s go and see this thing that God has done’.

“I’m looking forward to the message of Christmas, that Jesus has been born as this world’s Saviour, coming to life as he is born in us by faith, I’m looking forward to seeing the new things God will do in lives, and community life, made new,” he said.

“May I wish all a very peaceful Christmas in the life and love of Jesus.”

John Hanna, Glendermott Presbyterian

Moderator of Derry

and Donegal.