Parents want speed bumps and pot hole repairs

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A group of parents from Strathfoyle have called for a section of road in the estate to be resurfaced and repairs carried out on over 30 potholes and defects identified by Transport NI.

The young parents are also calling for improved safety features in Stradowen Drive, including the introduction of ‘speed bumps’ to slow motorists down.

The issues were identified as part of the ‘Strathfoyle Community Empowerment Project’.

The residents have called for Stradowen Drive to be completely re-surfaced. They said it has been well over a decade since the road surface in the estate was last upgraded and works are long overdue.

Paul Hughes, who works with the Enagh Youth Forum, said: “This Strathfoyle Community Empowerment Project is actually working because local people are finding their voice, identifying problems, coming up with realistic solutions and holding statutory agencies to account.”