Pan Celtic police plan is low key

Last year's Pan Celtic Festival parade in Carlow. (1804MM30)
Last year's Pan Celtic Festival parade in Carlow. (1804MM30)

Londonderry Chief Inspector, Jon Burrows, said police would approach the Pan Celtic festival in the same spirit as the last year’s successful City of Culture and Fleadh.

“For Derry to get another high profile cultural event shows how highly regarded the city is, and the confidence that people have in it. I am sure the people of the city will make visitors welcome,” he said.

He said the PSNI’s policing style will be a low-key one and that he envisages that the the force will be there to assist with the parade and traffic arrangements.

The PSNI’s neighbourhood officers will be to the fore during the festival.

“We hope to see a large number of people enjoying themselves at the event and our request to them is to take their lead from the organisers and the stewards.

“From a public safety point of view we are asking motorists to be aware of larger than usual pedestrians numbers and for those pedestrians to take care when they are out and about.

“We are also asking groups going to the events to make plans for how they will get home and for them to stay together safely at all times.”

The 43rd Pan Celtic festival runs until Sunday (April 27).

The objectives of Pan Celtic Festival are to promote and strengthen Celtic languages, culture, music, song and sport and to encourage inter-Celtic tourism, trade and commerce, and exchange of information.

Pan Celtic is primarily a competitive festival. However, a series of concerts featuring - Barzaz, Capercaillie, Maranna McCloskey, Máirtín O’Connor, Declan O’Rourke and Alana Henderson - will take place throughout the week.