Orangmen to resolve against Scottish split

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Thousands of Orangemen from across Londonderry will gather in Limavady for the Twelfth on Saturday (July 12) and resolve to support the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland in its unionist campaign against Scottish independence.

They will also resolve to condemn the administrative scheme for ‘on-the-runs,’ which the Orange Order describes as the “special privileges afforded in secret by our own government to almost 300 people in a shabby side deal to the Belfast Agreement.”

Three resolutions pertaining to faith, loyality and the State will be put.

They are as follows: “First - The Faith: As members of the Loyal Orange Institution of Ireland, holding to the Reformed, Evangelical and Protestant faith, we affirm the Biblical premise that man, by nature and practice, is a sinner, justly condemned in the sight of the Holy Triune God.

“We rejoice that by His grace, in virtue of Christ bearing the full penalty for sin on the cross, God gifts salvation to those who deserve nothing but His just wrath. We declare that it is utterly impossible for man, and highly insulting to God, to attempt to earn the blessing of salvation by his own works or by any religious observance – and we therefore reject all religious systems that teach the possibility of meriting Divine favour.

“Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, and must be received solely on that basis; it is God’s gift for the guilty, not His reward for the righteous.

“Nevertheless, while salvation is not of works, it is ‘unto good works’.

“Every recipient of God’s amazing grace ought then to live a godly life, not in an attempt to gain merit with God but out of thankfulness to Him, and for His glory.

“Second - Loyality: That we, the Orangemen assembled at Limavady in commemoration of the 324th anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne do hereby reaffirm our devotion and loyalty to the Throne and Person of Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Her other Realms, Defender of The Faith.

“In times of instability and uncertainty in the world and in our nation, the Queen remains a constant.

“Her example of service is outstanding and an inspiration to us all.

“We welcome her recent visit to Northern Ireland with the Duke of Edinburgh.

“The Institution also appreciates the role played by the other members of the Royal Family at home and overseas and expresses thanks and appreciation to them all.

“Third - The State: This year the people of Scotland will be asked to decide their future within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

“The links which have existed for centuries bind us particularly strongly and we reflect that a century ago Scottish brethren stood with us in support of our remaining within the Union.

“We encourage our colleagues in the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland in their opposition to independence and assure them of our support.

“The United Kingdom must stay united. As an Institution we cherish the Union, which offers civil liberties for all and special privileges for none.

“We therefore condemn the special privileges afforded in secret by our own government to almost 300 people in a shabby side deal to the Belfast Agreement.

“This year marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War and we remember all those who served and those who made the supreme sacrifice in that war. We remember particularly those in the 36th (Ulster), 10th, 11th and the 16th (Irish) Divisions and reflect on the many tens of thousands of members of the Orange Institution worldwide who enlisted at that time.

“We welcome the increased recognition by the government of the Irish Republic of the sacrifice of those who served and were forgotten for so long.

“Seventy years ago the Normandy Landings brought hope to Europe and the world at the darkest of times and we remember with gratitude the victory in the Second World War, when evil forces were defeated and the flames of liberty continued to burn.”