Orange fundraiser at Waterside Theatre after arson attacks

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The City of Londonderry Grand Orange Lodge will host a major fund-raising concert in aid of Thiepval Memorial, Convoy LOL1005 and Newtowncunningham True Blues LOL1063, both of which had their Orange Halls destroyed in arson attacks in 2014, in the Waterside Theatre on September 18.

Compere on the evening will be Gary Wilson, with a host of artists taking part including Maiden City Beat, Drumachose Gospel Group, Churchill Flute Band, Kildoag Pipe Band and Killaloo Accordion Band.

All proceeds will go to the two Lodges to help with the rebuild costs of their new Orange Halls.

All tickets will costs £10.50 including a development donation. The show starts at 8pm.

Comedy hypnotist Adrian McKnight will be appearing in the Waterside Theatre on September 26.

“In the last twenty years, Adrian Knight has firmly established himself as one of the top elite stage hypnotists around today and arguably the most talented in his profession,” according to the Theatre.

“He is truly a unique force in the world of hypnosis and one of the most sought after global entertainers around today,” he added.

All tickets are £10 including a development donation. The show starts at 8pm.

‘A Dozen Summers,’ a British children’s comedy will be visiting the Theatre on October 1 and 2.

Maisie and Daisy McCormack are two ordinary 12-year-olds finding their way through life in the 21st century. Oh, and they may have just hijacked a movie!

This hilarious British children’s comedy features a host of familiar faces including Colin Baker (Dr Who), Ewen Mackintosh (The Office) and Sarah Warren (M.L.E.) and introduces some really exciting new talent including Quinton Nyriendo (CBBC’s Young Dracula) and David Knight (CBBC’s Hetty Feather) as well as the debut of twins Scarlet and Hero Hall.

“This film has so much heart and a particularly sharp funny bone. For children and adults alike, this movie is exciting, emotional and provides laugh out loud comedy.”

All tickets are £5. Shows start at 7pm.

Meanwhile, on October 8, Derek Acorah needs no introduction…

The pioneer for Spiritualism and mediumship on television, he is arguably the world’s most renowned Spirit Medium having demonstrated to many hundreds of thousands of people in theatres throughout the UK.

Derek’s television career dates back over fifteen years when he became the first medium ever to demonstrate live on air and without the benefit of an edit suite on a weekly basis bringing hope and comfort to the viewing public.

So why not come along and see for yourself and maybe meet Derek afterwards and pick up one of his new tour brochures and his Soul Journey CD.

Derek’s charm and charisma has made him a most welcome guest on numerous televisions programmes. He has appeared in “Dr. Who”, “This Morning”, “The Weakest Link”, “Richard & Judy”, “Stars in Their Eyes”, “Reality Bites” and many, many more. Derek has also appeared as himself in the film “Big Fat Gypsy Gangster” and the live stage show “Ghosts”. In 2004 Derek received the Variety Club of Great Britain’s Multichannel TV Personality of the Year Award.

Derek is the author of eleven books two of which, “The Psychic Adventures of Derek Acorah” and “Ghost Hunting with Derek Acorah”, have achieved the top of “The Times” Non-Fiction Best Seller list and have been translated in to Russian and Mandarin.

After 35 years as a professional medium, Derek remains a dedicated worker for Spirit, connecting people with their loved ones in the spirit world and bringing proof of survival on a daily basis. He is also passionate about working in his investigative role in attempting to validate and confirm the presence of spirit entities in some of the world’s most haunted locations.

Derek Acorah is indeed a thoroughly modern medium whose appeal crosses the generations to young and old alike and he remains the forerunner in the field of paranormal and spiritual matters.

Where Derek goes, others follow. He is THE pioneer for Spirituality world wide.

Admission is £20 including a development donation. Show starts at 8pm.