Operation Season’s Greetings in full flow

The PSNI’s drink driving and community safety campaigns are now in full swing, as the final countdown to Christmas gets underway.

The drink-driving initiative is being run in partnership with the Garda Síochána with the key message from both police forces that one drink can kill.

Constable John Wilson. INLS5014-173KM

Constable John Wilson. INLS5014-173KM

Co-ordinating work in Londonderry, Constable John Wilson, said anybody engaged in drink-driving can expect to be stopped: “Last year there were 258 detections during the campaign. That’s a considerable number,” he said.

Running alongside and very much part of the PSNI’s festive policing remit is Season’s Greetings, a city centre initiative.

“People can expect to see a large increase of PSNI officers on foot patrol and in vehicles around the city centre, This is to act as a deterrent and also allay any fears in the public during the festive time when they are out enjoying themselves.

“It is a two-pronged initiative. Firstly, we are looking at the daytime economy and people going out and shopping. We are offering advice to shoppers returning to vehicles to keep shopping out of sight and make sure vehicles are locked and parked in designated car parks.

“We are also giving advice to retailers as it is an opportunity for thieves to enter premises and commit shoplifting offences or maybe pass forged currency.”

A mixture of plain clothes officers and those in high visibility uniforms will be patrolling both the daytime economy in the city and at night.

“The message we want to go out is for people to go out and enjoy themselves, but to get home safe,” he said.