Only 35% of us taking enough weekly exercise

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Only a third of local adults are taking Dr Michael McBride’s recommended two-and-half hours of physical activity a week with Western Trust exercise coordinator Lesley Finlay urging people to get up and move.

Ms Finlay said: “Our bodies are designed to move, so being physically active is essential for maintaining good health.

“Unfortunately only 35 per cent of adults in Northern Ireland are currently meeting the Chief Medical Officer recommendations of 150 minutes or 2.5 hours of moderate intensity physical activity like brisk walking every week. Physical Activity Fortnight is about encouraging everyone to build more activity into their daily routine by simply sitting less and moving more. We are also challenging people to make time to be active by trying recreational activities like walking, cycling, gardening, dancing, swimming or joining a local activity class.”

She made the call ahead of ‘Physical Activity Fortnight’ which is running from 6 - 19 June 2016.

Activities Programmes have been developed for throughout the Western Trust area, listing lots of free and low cost physical activity opportunities and events throughout Physical Activity Fortnight. Activities have been organised by the lead partners and other community and voluntary sector organisations and workplaces to encourage their communities and staff to get active. There are family friendly events and activities for people new to physical activity, older people and people with a disability including walking, cycling, swimming, running, boccia, yoga and tennis. Activities Programmes are available at: