Old girl Brenda bringing positive mental attitude to St Mary’s

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Former head girl Brenda Shankey is returning to her alma mater, St Mary’s College, to officially launch a new audio book encouraging people to always look on the bright side of life.

Mrs Shankey who runs a chain of male grooming salons around Northern Ireland, also describes herself as a “mindfulness, meditation and positive thinking success coach,” trading as ‘Be Fabulous.’

Her new audiobook, published by Mindcool, is called ‘Be Fabulous, Have It All!’

It’s billed: “A modern day survival guide for today’s woman on how to be blissfully happy every day! Keep stress at bay and live life in the fast lane.”

In the sleeve notes, Mrs Shankey writes: “Learning how to have it all in today’s society can be pretty demanding.

“We expect to have the perfect life, well paid job, and beautiful home, top of the range car, stunning partner, perfect figure and youthful looks – Says who? Exactly: Where do we pick up our expectations of ourselves and indeed others?

“How come we demand so much from life and how come our expectations are so high? Welcome to Be Fabulous, the ultimate guide to contentment and realising you have it all right now just as it’s supposed to be. You can have it all, everything you want, hope, dream for and desire plus more…

You can have the perfect you.”

She’s celebrating the launch at St Mary’s at 2pm on Monday, January 18.