The must-have £4 Primark item selling for 10 times its value on the web

The Chip Cup has sold out in stores and online
The Chip Cup has sold out in stores and online

Tracey Island, Tellytubbies... and now Disney’s Chip purse - all sparking a frenzy among shoppers rushing to grab a rare kids’ toy before they sell out.

The Beauty Beauty and the Beast-themed purse - costing £4 from Primark - has sold out in stores across the country, with the cute items showing up online for many times their original value.

Tying in with the release of a live action version of the Disney classic - starring Emma Watson, it hits cinemas on March 17 - the novelty cash cache has a gold handle and closes via a gold zip around the rim.

Parents have (they claim) been snapping up the the item for their offspring, as excitement around the film reaches fever pitch.

However, anyone unable to get their hands on a Chip purse can relax - with a nice cuppa. A Chip teacup - looking just as cute as the purse - will also be on sale, retailing at around £6.