NW farmer blasted dog for killing sheep and then told PSNI

Shooting incidents.
Shooting incidents.

A local farmer shot a dog for bothering one of his sheep earlier this year and then reported the incident to the PSNI, the Sentinel has learned.

In another incident the PSNI received a report of someone shooting foxes from a car and firing live rounds into a garden.

Both shooting incidents were just two out of four shootings reported to the PSNI in G District in January.

According to the PSNI record for the dog-shooting on January 14, the dog managed to run off after killing the farmer’s sheep, despite having been shot.

A report of two bangs - sounding liking gunshots - was also received by police in G District on January 14, whilst someone elsewhere reported that they had been informed shots had been fired through their house in G District on January 23.

G District was not the only area where a farmer admitted shooting a sheep-bothering dog. On January 17 a farmer in the wider Coleraine and North Antrim area phoned police to let them know he had also shot a dog for chasing his sheep. Meanwhile, in the neighbouring Omagh, Cookstown and Fermanagh policing area the PSNI received a report of a man firing a gun into the air at someone’s home on January 15.

The information was released by the PSNI in response to a Freedom of Information request.