NW Bands Forum present at NI launch

Caw Flute Band on the Walls.
Caw Flute Band on the Walls.

The Londonderry Bands Forum was recently represented at the Confederation of Ulster Bands launch of its strategic plans for the next four years.

The local Bands Forum had a strong influence during the creation of the plan along with other forums throughout Northern Ireland.

The plans show the increasing role that the bands are providing in all areas of parading and strategy, education and social development, and that they have a very significant part to play in the future of how we all move forward.

Londonderry Bands Forum coordinator Derek Moore said: “The 17 Band Forums that represent about 450 out of 660 bands in Ulster realise that the best interests of bands are in uniting in local forums and dealing with all the various aspects of running these very complex organisations.

“Running a band is more about social development and instilling pride and discipline in a group of people who differ greatly in ability, attitude and means. Balancing between schoolwork and rehearsal time for young members is of concern to all band leaders, and the needs of these young members is at the forefront of our thinking.”