No traffic wardens for Dungiven

PROPOSALS to have traffic wardens patrolling Dungiven will not be going ahead. Attendants visited the town back in March, but a DRD spokesperson said: "Roads Service has reviewed the information from the parking observation visits by traffic attendants on 29 March and does not consider there is currently a need to routinely patrol Dungiven."

SDLP Alderman Michael Coyle, who lives in Dungiven, said he was "shocked and extremely disappointed" by the news.

"There are parking problems in Dungiven - namely parking on the footpaths, parking in disabled bays, parking on double yellow lines - and that is a daily occurrence so, I don't know why the report came back saying there wasn't a need for traffic attendants in Dungiven," he said.

"I am continually getting complaints from residents in Dungiven and I ask Roads Service to review their approach to traffic management. When I came down the town yesterday I saw a van parked on the footpath. That happens everyday. Also, a lot of the congestion at the foot of the town is caused by double parking."

Cllr Coyle said those mostly affected are people with disabilities.

"They can't get into parking places outside shops, in particular outside the post office. I really ask DRD to review the whole situation. Obviously one day hasn't shown Roads Service the true picture of the problems in Dungiven. They would need to spend several days in Dungiven, not necessarily three days in a row, but three or four days over a month."

The DRD spokesperson added: "Roads Service will respond to requests for enforcement if complaints are received in relation to vehicles parking in contravention of restrictions in the town."