NIHE axing Caw and Brandywell public rights of way

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The Housing Executive is getting rid of a public right of way in Caw/Nelson Drive.

The right of way to use a footpath leading from Sperrin Park to Drumbane Gardens and Auglish Court is to be axed.

The full order is to extinguish “37.7 square metres of footpath at the gable of 22 Sperrin Park, Waterside, Londonderry.”

Across the town in the Brandywell there’s to be a similar extinguishment, according to a notice newly published by the Housing Executive.

This relates to a section of carriageway and footpaths at 8 Donegal Place.

The order is to extinguish “18.125 metres of carriageway at the gable of 8 Donegal Place with footpaths on either side totalling 233 square metres.”