NIEA is removing 3.9k City Waste bales from Port

City Waste, Campsie. (0706PG53)
City Waste, Campsie. (0706PG53)

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) is currently in the process of disposing of 3,900 bales of refuse derived fuel (RDF) at Londonderry port, which formerly belonged to City Industrial Waste.

The Sentinel was contacted by an individual who asked not to be named but who claimed up to 6,000 bales have remained at the local harbour since the waste company had its licence revoked last year.

The paper contacted Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioners, who said the site where the bales are located, is now controlled by the NIEA.

A spokesperson for the Department of the Envrionment (DoE) said: “NIEA estimated that 3,900 bales of refuse derived fuel remained on the site located at the port at Lisahally.

“NIEA can confirm that these remaining bales are in the process of being collected from the site and disposed off to legally authorised facilities with over half of the bales having already been removed.”