New Toolkit for Londonderry bands is launched to address admin issues

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At the launch of the ‘Next Steps’ Report, the Communities Minister, Paul Givan, also received and launched a newly developed Toolkit for Bands produced by Londonderry Bands Forum with the assistance of funding from the International Fund for Ireland.

Referring to the Toolkit, Kenny McFarland Chairman of the Londonderry Bands Forum explained that “it does not aim to cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ but seeks to address fundamental and key issues relating to the management, administration and organisation of bands and the activities in which they engage.”

It is based on the learning and good practices of those with keen knowledge and long experience of band membership and leadership. It addresses areas like financial management, insurance, duty of care, education and media coverage, promoting understanding and community relations. He also pointed out that this Toolkit could benefit a lot of other organisations as well as bands as it was about the structures and procedures that apply to all constituted groups.

The production of the Toolki, which is available in hard copy to all bands and groups is another first for the Londonderry Bands Forum, who believe it will be well received by bands on the local scene and elsewhere. An online version will be available shortly.