New powers used to seize IRA money in Londonderry

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The PSNI has used new powers to seize £3,500 officers believed was being held for the IRA in Londonderry.

The money was seized by officers investigating suspicious activity in Londonderry last September.

Superintendent Mark McEwan, the District Commander, said: “When it was seized, we believed the money was in the hands of a proscribed organisation known as the ‘New IRA’.

“We know that these people are involved in criminality that creates harm and suffering in our community. This legislation gives us a tool to help us tackle illegal activity.

“It means that money that may have been used to buy guns and explosives to attack members of the community, including police officers, has been taken out of circulation.”

Antrim Crown Court was told today, Tuesday February 23, that a claim by an individual to contest the forfeiture had been dropped.

Money seized under the legislation is retained by the Treasury, with a portion being allocated to the PSNI.

Supt. McEwan added: “Police can use this money for specific operations to combat crime and criminality and to keep people safe. It cannot, for example, be used to buy police equipment.”

This was the first time police in Northern Ireland have used powers under the Crime and Security Act 2001 to forfeit cash in these circumstances.