New parking bay and traffic measures for Malvern House

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A disabled parking bay and traffic measures to prevent blockages are to be introduced outside a facility used by pensioners in the Waterside.

Waterside Councillor Martin Reilly welcomed confirmation from Transport NI that the adjustments are to be made outside the Age Concern building on Chapel Road.

The SDLP representative said the adjustments would make a big difference to the patrons of a heavily utilised building in an important route through the Waterside.

He said: “This is a very busy building on a very busy street in the Waterside. I am glad to see that Transport NI have agreed not only to adjust a disabled parking bay at the entrance to Age Concern but also plan to encourage motorists not to block the entrance to the building.”

Mr Reilly said staff and patrons of the building, which is located towards the middle of Chapel Road - between Ben Varden Avenue and Newlyn Terrace - are very pleased with the development.

He stated: “I have spoken to the staff who feel that this will be a valuable addition for those citizens using this location.”

The Councillor also said that that due to heavy traffic on the Chapel Road users of Malvern House are often trapped in.

“Too often the Age Concern vehicle gets trapped in, and hopefully these new arrangements will make life easier for everyone visiting this facility,” he said.

Age Concern is a voluntary charitable organisation that aims to promote the welfare and the relief of poverty sickness and disablement among older people living in the area.