New Foyle film floats on the tide in Veneto

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A new film celebrating the River Foyle by an Italian filmmaker based in Londonderry was screened on a raft on the Piovego during the River Film Festival in Padua on Wednesday, June 8.

‘TIDES,’ a new film by Alessandro Negrini, floated on a platform over the historic canal that joins the medieval cities of Padua and Venice.

It’s been billed as “a visionary and dreamlike portrait of the River Foyle.”

According to the film’s producers: “In an imaginative and poetic way, the film ‘TIDES’ is a celebration of the river Foyle, its history, its past and new stories that have lived above and under its water.

“‘TIDES’ is narrated from the point of view of the river through an imaginative river’s own voice: what has it seen, heard, witnessed in this long time of running towards the ocean?

“Furthermore, what is the Foyle whispering to us today? What could it tell us? What does it know about us? What does it know about our lost and found dreams?”

Supported by Northern Ireland Screen, the film is written and directed by Alessandro Negrini. Director of photography is renown Norwegian OddGeir Saether (Inland Empire, David Lynch), with whom Alessandro Negrini has already worked in the award-winning documentary ‘Paradiso.’

The River Film Festival in Padua is celebrating ten years of activity.

The festival has a unique setting on the wide 16th century steps of the fluvial port quarter of Portello in Padua and aims to be a metaphor of life and liberty.