New Donemana and Cranagh plans

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Derry City and Strabane District Council has launched two new integrated Village Plans for Donemana and Cranagh as part of its programme of village renewal and development.

The plans aim to encourage residents of local villages to create a vision that leads to the preparation of local action plans.

It’s hoped that this will ensure that the full potential of both villages can be achieved.

Initiatives which promote community development and regeneration are to be delivered in the Tyrone villages as a result of the roll-out.

The Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, Elisha McCallion, said: “These Village Plans are an expression of community identity and the initiatives spanning economic, environmental, physical and social improvement over the next 15 years will have a transformative impact.

“The plans set out a clear vision of what you as communities want and offer a road map for villages to achieve sustainability in the future.”

She said the village plans fit well with the Council’s overall policy regarding community planning and local community involvement and ownership of this.

“In the context of community planning I am acutely aware of the importance of involving and engaging local people.

“The level of consultation and engagement which has taken place in shaping these plans shows how local views can be taken into account.

“These plans reflect opportunities for all those who live, visit, work and play within each of the villages and each plan outlines specific projects, timelines, relevant stakeholders and potential funders.”

The Mayor concluded by congratulating each of the two community based organisations - Cranagh Community Association and Dennett Interchange - for the enthusiasm and commitment that they have all shown to date in working in partnership with Council to develop the village plans.

She wished them every success in implementing the projects identified so that when they revisit the plan in future years they will all see clear improvements in the physical, economic and social life of each of the villages.