New comedy tackles mental health issues

Square John and the 'One in Six' theory.
Square John and the 'One in Six' theory.

At times farcical, at times poignant - Square John and the ‘One in Six’ theory - a new comedy by Vin McCullough (Why Am I?) examines the hidden world of the mental hospital, an environment very familiar to the author who has over 30 years experience as a mental nurse.

Set somewhere in Northern Ireland, Square John has been institutionalised for over 40 years and his ‘One in Six’ theory blames his breakdown on his 13 sisters’ ‘weemin’s troubles.’

His nurse and friend, Gerry McGann has championed this theory despite the scepticism he encounters from his colleagues.

Should McGann be amongst the patients rather than staff or is his campaign a clever smokescreen for some other crafty plot? It will be at The Waterside Theatre on Thursday (January 23) and Friday (January 24) at 8.00pm.

Tickets £10, £8 Concession, Opening Night offer 2 for £16 includes audience development donation. Telephone the Box Office for tickets on 028-71 31-4000.