New album in the making for Portrush singer-songwriter Drew

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A lifetime of experience and musical travels are set to be captured in a new album currently being recorded by a Portrush guitarist/songwriter.

Drew Hamill, who has been playing guitar since he was ten-years-old, has been a professional musician for the past 20 years.

Playing with bands such as Axis, The Mighty Shamrocks, Espresso Jazz and most recently Bowana, Drew has recently released two of the songs from his new album on music website CD itunes and Amazon.

‘How Worried Should We Bee?’ takes a “tongue in cheek” look at major media outlets and how they focus on seemingly important issues, while ignoring others such as the rapidly declining bee population and the ripple effect from that.

“This is not an environmental song,” stressed Drew.

“It’s about the power of the media and how they fill people full of fear. It’s tongue in cheek but using the idea of the bees dying out is a way of getting the message across about how the media focuses on one thing and ignores others.”

The other song is ‘So High’ which was inspired by a walk along the Promenade which runs along the West Strand of Drew’s home town.

Drew described ‘So High’ as being “inspired by the pure joy of a summer’s day in Portrush”.

“The song is accompanied by video depicting the natural beauty of the area and can be viewed on Youtube.”

Drew is currently recording his album at the Portrush-based recording studio Antidote Audio and admits that the inspiration for the collection of songs came out of the blue.

“I’ve been playing music all my life since I was ten, I always loved it. I’ve had other jobs like being a welder but I always played. Then back in 1995 I went totally professional.

“It was back in the 90s that I wrote my last batch of songs and took them seriously enough to made them into demos but nothing since then. I’ve put all my energy into playing since then but around last October I started writing again and it just poured out.

“I just couldn’t stop, it was 24 hour a day writing and recording rough demos.

“I’m recording now but I’ve released ‘How Worried Should We Bee’ on itunes and Amazon. For the album, I really want there to be a physical copy of it as well as being available to download.

“There’s a bit of everything in the album - life, death, political messages, a bit of humour and light relief, along with a love song...

“Finishing writing and recording a song is quite an intense process, but once you are happy with it you are glad to let it go at that stage.

“And you have to be happy with it, you’ve got to please yourself. It’s great if other people like it but YOU have to be happy with it before all that.”

The album won’t be released until early 2018 but until that Drew will be busy performing including a gig in Bennigan’s in Derry City on September 9 with his own line-up The Drew Hamill Band.

For more information on how Drew’s album is progressing check out his website