Negrini picks up award for Foyle film

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Londonderry based film director Alessandro Negrini is thrilled after his new film, TIDES, celebrating the River Foyle, received a Special Mention Award at the Sole Luna Film Festival in Palermo in Sicily.

Mr Negrini’s film was acknowledged for Best Cinematography at the film festival and he received the award in the presence of the Mayor Leoluca Orlando and the prestigious jury of the festival, headed by the renowned Gianni Massironi, a former producer of the late Michelangelo Antonioni.

TIDES received the award for “the ability to describe a decades-long conflict between two nearly irreconcilable factions in a European city. The extraordinarily poetic script and cinematography add charm to the film.”

To give an idea of what to expect from the film, Sole Luna, provided the following blurb: “Imagine an island. Within this island there is another island. And within this other island there is a city; a city with two different names.

“Inside this city with two names, it flows a river. This is its autobiography.

“Is the story of a river able to reveal the meaning of a life imprisoned by history? Despite the end of the conflict in Northern Ireland there is still a city with two different names: Derry for Catholics, Londonderry for Protestants.

“In the middle of the city flows a river, the Foyle, which separates them and at the same time, acts as their border. This film, narrated from the point of view of the river itself – through dream images and archival material made by ordinary people in the 60s and 70s – invites us to discover its story: how was this liquid wall seen, heard and experienced by the lives of those it passed on its his long run to the ocean? What could it tell us? What does it know about us? Moving between past and present, the River Foyle invites us to reflect on issues that are going beyond its own borders – What is a border? Are the dreams of those who lived before the conflict different from those dreamed today? And above all, what happens to our dreams?”