MP pleased as gay marriage legalised

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SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has welcomed today’s introduction of a new law in the Republic of Ireland which legalises same-sex marriage.

Mr Durkan, who is also supporting the campaign for LGBT equality in the North, said: “Following on from May’s historic referendum result, today marks another milestone for same-sex couples in Ireland.

“It represents a huge step forward on the journey towards equality and acceptance.

“Importantly, the public in the South have given a light of understanding which can help the debate in the North on civil marriage equality.

“The introduction of this new law also serves as a beacon of hope to the LGBT community around the world – including those who are still facing gross oppression and renewed persecution in some countries.

“Indeed, it is still illegal to be gay in 75 countries and is punishable by death in 10 – which highlights the vital need to ensure that the global campaign for LGBT equality and acceptance continues.”