Mobuoy remediation solution closer

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Environment Minister, Mark H Durkan, says his Department is moving closer to finding a remediation solution to managing the waste disposed at Mobuoy.

This will ensure that the River Faughan, an important natural resource adjacent to the sites, remains protected, he says.

Ground investigations of the Mobuoy waste sites earlier this year have improved the understanding of the nature and extent of waste illegally disposed at these sites.

This has resulted in the estimated volume of illegally disposed waste increasing to approximately 1 million m3 .

Minister Mark H Durkan said “The River Faughan, which is adjacent to this waste, is an important natural resource that needs to be protected and my Department has an extensive environmental monitoring programme in place to ensure that it remains protected.”

The Mobouy Stakeholders Group, established earlier this year, will be meeting with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency later today.

The Minister continued: “A number of remediation options for the site have been identified and short-listed. These options will be presented to the local Stakeholders today. However, further work is needed to evaluate these shortlisted options and develop an integrated remediation strategy for the site. This will take up to 12 months to deliver.

“I will ensure that there is opportunity for further engagement and consultation in developing this remediation strategy with the local stakeholders and the local community in the months ahead.”