Minister was school friend of the Dean of Derry

Rev Dr Stewart Jones with his youngest daughter, Rachel, on her wedding day.
Rev Dr Stewart Jones with his youngest daughter, Rachel, on her wedding day.

The Dean of Derry, Very Rev Dr William Morton, recalled his school days with Rev Dr Stewart Jones, and described his friend as “an extremely clever fellow”.

Both the Dean and the Late Dr Jones were schooled at Newry High School.

The late Rev Dr Stewart Jones

The late Rev Dr Stewart Jones

“Stewart was born in Bessbrooke and I knew his parents. Stewart was an extremely clever felllow, with a particular flair for things scientific and mathematical. I remember very vividly he sat next to me in chemistry class and he was always so able and could understand the most complex things. He just had a wonderful gift of being able to understand things and even while working as Chaplain in Altnagelvin, if you said about your computer not doing something, he knew how to solve it.

“When he became chaplain of Altnagelvin I would have met him quite a bit during the working day, and he was telling me about all his studies in things like science and information technology. He was an absolute expert in all those things. Nothing baffled him of a scientific or mathematical nature,” said Dean Morton.

The Dean continued: “He told me how he had done his Phd in history, he took a Masters in computer science. He just was an absolute expert and totally focused on whatever he turned his hand to and he was an infinitely clever man.”

Dean Morton went on to relate how Rev Dr Jones’ supervisor for his Phd was Professor Tom Fraser, the Provost of Magee, whose wife, Grace, is a parishioner at St Columb’s Cathedral.

“It is terrible to think that Stewart has gone from us,” the Dean said.

“It is just terrible for all who knew him, but it is particularly difficult for his wife, Patricia and for his family,” said the Dean.

“In praying for them we should not forget the great loss Stewart’s passing is for the congregation of Donemana Presbyterian Church, who have lost their Minister, a person they have turned to for guidance and comfort for the past decade. Stewart was also the Convenor for Gortnessy just outside Drumahoe. Stewart’s passing is a great loss to the Presbyterian Church,” the Dean said.