Middleton’s fury at Newbuildings polling decision

Foyle MLA Gary Middleton. INLS1215-104KM
Foyle MLA Gary Middleton. INLS1215-104KM

Foyle DUP candidate Gary Middleton has expressed his anger following a recent statement made by the electoral commission in relation to the polling station at Newbuildings

“As a candidate in last years Westminster election, I was on the ground throughout the day in Newbuildings.

This latest statement by the Chief Electoral Officer Graham Shields has done nothing but cause anger within the community of Newbuildings and portraying the area as something which it is not.

There are perceptions that this move is nothing but a storm in a tea cup however I do have concerns that there are moves by others to try and move the polling station from the area and disenfranchise the village.

I have been in contact with the electoral office directly to express my deep anger about how this situation has been handled.”