McKeegan: ‘I’ll fight for Eglinton area’

Ronnie McKeegan.
Ronnie McKeegan.

Ulster Unionist local election candidate, Ronnie McKeegan, says the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) will put the needs of the people of Eglinton before the financial needs of the new Council.

Speaking at the launch of his campaign in the Faughan Rural Ward, Mr McKeegan claimed the UUP fought for the residents of Donnybrewer against the expansion of the Airport and for the people of Eglinton against the closure of the local skip site.

He said: “Eglinton is a growing area and it needs representation and when I’m elected I will be hold monthly meetings to bring my support to the many excellent initiatives that are operating in the Village.

“These include the Community Centre, the cricket club, football clubs, cultural clubs and the small businesses that exist in the area.”

Mr McKeegan says he is also committed to bringing the UUP support for the rebuilding of the Primary Schools in the area.

In closing his launch he said that the Village needs to get its share. He said: “It won’t be easy with so many Councillors from the City but be assured I will insist the Villages in the Rural get their just deserves.”