McGuinness meeting brought back Claudy bomb memories for Hamilton

Mary Hamilton
Mary Hamilton

Claudy bomb survivor Mary Hamilton said she walked out of Thursday’s meeting of the First and Deputy First Minister because she felt she was being retraumatised.

Mrs Hamilton said she had decided to attend the visitation by Arlene Foster and Martin McGuinness, but was overcome with sad memories and was forced to leave.

“I been through so much personal loss, as have many of my friends,” she said.

“I attended the meeting in good faith, hoping to represent my constituents, but had to leave.

“As I sat there I felt I was being re-traumatised many of the sad memories which flooded through my mind.

“Sometimes you have days when you cope better than on others and I have to be honest, I found it difficult to stay because of the presence of other people.

“I don’t have to apologise for my feelings, we are all human.

“However, I want to stress that I wholeheartedly support and welcome any investment in the city and university,” she said.